Hello Fantagians! Starting Friday, Dec. 4th, reporters will be able to take photos and store them in albums! With this new feature, you can capture all of your fun Fantage memories and showcase them for all of your friends to see. You’ll even be able to leave comments on your friends’ photos as well! To add photos to your album, click the “Reporter” icon on  the top left of your screen. Then, choose “Add to Album” after taking a snapshot. Afterward, go to your room to view your album. It’s that simple!


Also Friday, check out the new edition of the Comet! Make sure you read this one because it will feature a larger reporting section that will highlight the 8 best photos from our reporters! Also, do you think you wrote the best Fantage Holiday Story? Well, if you did, make sure to read this issue because it will announce the winners of the Writer’s Den! Also, check out the results from our last Fan Art and Comic contests. Congratulations to all of the winners!


New IDfone Goodies

Hey Toppers! There will be the backgrounds skins and new STICKERS on thursday. Here are some of the new IDFone accessories that you can use to perk up your fone.





Thanksgiving Party

Hola! It’s almost Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving festival on Fantage is Coming TOMMOROW!! Wednesday the 25th(: and will be on till Sunday! That’s a very long time,4 days! Wanna know the activites Fantage has planned? Of course you do! On Monday,you can get a FREE Thanksgiving outfit as a holiday gift :] A rare thanksgiving sticker will be on sale at the ID fone shop only THIS WEEK! Also check out the NEW

Cornucopia Group game at Uptown. Play as a team to earn FREE starS! Like i said before who DOSEN’T Like free stuff?! I know CRAZY People! New Thanksgiving items will be released at Ottoman’s. Fantage dosen’t want to give much away,but Between me and you These items will Make your thanksgiving dinner on fantage TERRIFIC! Also for you reporters out there NEW Themes will be out Tommorow,Also there will be a game event Play Jigsaw Jigsaw During the Thanksgiving Festival and get FREE StarS! ;].

Turkey Weekend

Hey Toppers! This is a most from the Fantage Team! Turkey Day is almost here and that means it is time for our annual Thanksgiving Extravaganza! The party will be held from Wednesday through Sunday of this week! We have a lot of fun activities in store such as a brand NEW game that allows you to earn free Stars. You’ll also be able to enjoy free gifts, new seasonal furniture, Thanksgiving items, and more! Also keep your eyes peeled for a turkey that seems to love following Fantagians around. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so you’ll have to wait until the party to find out more! If you log in all 5 days of the event, you’ll receive a special medal! The medal will be awarded on Monday. 

Here is a taste of some of the yummy Thanksgiving goodies we have in store.



I wonder what this giant cornucopia is doing here… 



 Also, for our newly hired Reporters—don’t forget to stop by Comet & Co. on Mt. Fantage to receive your camera TODAY!

New Comet Tomorw

Hey all! We have good news for all of you Comet readers! From now on you will no longer have to wait an entire month for a new issue of the Comet. Starting tomorrow, the Comet will be published weekly! Every week, we will post that week’s Fan Art, Comic, and Writing contest winners as well as showcase the top work from our soon-to-be reporters! Each edition of the Comet will feature the best of the best in Fantage news writing, so be sure to work hard on those articles once you become a reporter!

Don’t forget to head over to Mt. Fantage tomorrow to take the test to become a reporter! You never know—your work might be featured in the next Comet!

Want A Job

Hey Toppers!  Starting Friday, we will be hiring news reporters to cover interesting news and events around Fantage! On Friday, there will be a NEW building on Mt. Fantage called Comet & Co. and they need your help! Go there to take the test to become a reporter. Pass the test and you will receive your reporter’s camera which will be sent to you on Monday.

Each month, reporters will receive 4 different themes that they will be assigned to cover. Reporters will take a snapshot of an interesting event that matches the theme and then write a short blurb describing the action. Don’t worry about having the equipment for this task, we will provide everything for you! Whoever writes the BEST article will have their work featured in the new weekly Comet and you will be paid in Stars!

Comet & Co. needs your help!


If you think you have an eye for the unique and a talent for news writing, then take the quiz Friday!

New Month Boards

Hey Toppers! Well, I loged in Fantage and looked thru the new poster thing when you log in. And it said New boards will been given out. So I though to post this just in CASE some didnt see. 😛